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Ever since we took over Pacifica we've had issues with the front of the property next to the road. First it was the council removing the drain and decapitating the trees that lined the road leaving trunks and branches and not much else. Then it was followed by the major redevelopment of Tara Road which saw the bald trees being removed completely and various machines trampling everything in its path (including our business sign) and then the landlord tearing up more ground to lay new drainage lines leaving us with nothing but weeds and dead grass! Its been horrendous but we finally feel like its safe to give the front of our business the love it deserves.

We've got the road sign back up to let new folks to the area know who we are and plans are underway to create an avenue of trees near the road as part of a 'spring garden', to redo the gardens around the car park plus replace one of the ponds by the front door with a new garden.

It's been so frustrating to not be able to do this sooner but it has made us appreciate inching closer to the finish line so much more and especially all the lovely people who have supported us DESPITE everything that has been going on down here at Tara Road. So from the whole Pacifica team THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for sticking with us!



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