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We love Hydrangeas at Pacifica and have over 30 varieties available.  They bring life to a shady corner and flowers for inside and out throughout the summer and are priced from $12.90.

At Pacifica we love gardening, we love plants and we love sharing that passion with our customers.  We try and create displays to inspire and try and source plants and products that bring joy to your outdoor spaces.  We have hedging, bagged soils, sculpture, outdoor pots, shrubs, natives, palms, potted colour, wall art, seeds and bug sprays plus so much more. 


This seasons citrus has just arrived and we've got an incredible variety including:

Lemon - Meyer, Lisbon, Villa Franca, Yen Ben, Lemonade

Lime - Kaffir, Bearrs, Key, Tahitian

Mandarin - Corsica No 2, Encore, Satsuma, Silverhill, Richard Special, Burgess Scarlet, Okitsu, Thorny

Orange - Blood, Navelina, Parent Navel, Vainglia Pink, Washington Navel

Grapefruit - Cutlers Red, Hawaiian, Morrison Seedless, Star Ruby

Tangelos - Seminole, Tinura

Tangors - Ugli, Dweet

Ornamentals - Limequat, Kumquat

Grapefruit Slices


Hedging is one of those versatile groups of plants that are invaluable when creating a formal garden, privacy from your neighbours or just to divide a space.  Below is a selection of what we have in store right now.

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